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Making The Right Decisions

A Companion Caregiver Checklist, By Using A Companion Caregiver Checklist to help in making a decision for you or your love one. This decision will most likely effect the client as well as the family. There are many points that must be covered before choosing a companion caregiver. This means you have decided against In Home Healthcare Companies, Adult Day Care, Assisted Living Or a Nursing Homes as a option. Primary Caregiver checklist
The Companion Individual...

(1) Experience and qualifications Does the caregiver have the experience and knowledge to accommodate all the requirements of your loved one. Discuss with the caregiver what services you want and what your expectations are. Always asked each party to repeat their expectations so there can be no confusion later. Be sure to put all the information writing so you and the caregiver totally understand what is expected. This will also clarify to both parties what was originally agreed upon thus reducing the likelihood for conflict.with

(2) What compensation is expected and agreed upon? How much will the pay (money) is agreed upon. Will all meals be a form of compensation. Are their rates higher on weekends and evenings?  Will they stay on site 24 hrs or come in only a agreed upon ? Where will sleep if they live on site?  Are the caregivers allowed to have guest visit? Usually the senior or person requiring the care will be more comfortable in their own home. This will be one of the most difficult decision for to make.

(4) Transportation? Make Are they able to drive a loved one to doctors appointments, shopping, church and other venues. Do they have adequate insurance on their vehicle to cover this. When a individual receives compensation for transporting a client they are supposed to have commercial insurance (comparable to public transportation). This can be circumvented by the caregiver driving the client’s car for this service.

The Companion Caregivers Check List

(3) What Hours Are They Available. Do They offer 24 hour service? What hours and days are they available? Will they stay overnight if needed?

(5) Background Check. Is the potential caregiver willing to submit to a background check? The background check can be done online.(the rates are reasonable for this service). In this day and time no one can be too careful…

(6) Duties of Caregiver. Ask the caregiver what services they agree to provide? Some caregivers (especially those who live in the home and offer 24-hour care may offer extended services) will the companion caregiver be expected to assist with cooking, cleaning, dishes, laundry…

(7) Compatibility Mom or Dad are always agreeable and easy-going. Not necessarily. Have your loved one present at the interview and see how they interact with the caregiver. A trial time may be a good idea. This can be one of the most important items that is overlooked by many...

(8) Meet with family & Siblings, once you and your loved one have accepted the caregiver. It is very important to introduce the caregiver to all family and friends. (make sure they understand this is a person caring for your loved one). Make sure other family members do not interfere with the caregiver. There should be only one person in charge of dealing with the caregiver.

(9) Making the Decisions You have chosen the caregiver that best suits you or your loved one. They will be a integral part of your family’s life. Be sure to drop in at odd times unannounced. Listen carefully to your loved one and make sure they are happy with the caregiver.