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Making The Right Decisions

Making a checklist is a viable way helping to make a decision about choosing the right Home Healthcare Company for you or your love one. This decision will most likely effect the client as well as their family. There are many points that must be covered before choosing a Home Healthcare Company. This means you have decided against In Companion Care, Adult Day Care, Assisted Living Or a Nursing Homes as a option. Caregiver checklist
Home Healthcare Companies...

(1) Certifications and Qualifications Is the Healthcare Agency licensed and bonded in your state. Do all employees have proper training to care for your loved one. Do each caregiver have the experience and knowledge to accommodate all the requirements of you or your loved one. Discuss with the caregiver what services you want and what your expectations are. Always asked each party to repeat their expectations so there can be no confusion later. Be sure to put all the information writing so you and the caregiver totally understand what is expected. This will also clarify to both parties what was originally agreed upon thus reducing the likelihood for conflict.with

(2) What are their rates? Are their services covered by Medicare, Medicaid or personal insurance. If so will the home healthcare company bill the insurance directly our most payment be made to them by the client. How much are there hourly rates? Are there rates higher on weekends and evenings? Always get written detailed pricing before any agreement is made. Always read every contract you sign…

(4) do they offer any form of Transportation? Are they able to drive a clients to doctors appointments, shopping, church and other venues. Do they have adequate insurance on their vehicle to cover this.

Home Healthcare Companies Check List

(3) What Hours Are They Available. Do They offer 24 hour service? What hours and days are they available? Will they stay overnight if needed?

(5) Background Check. Most companies do a comprehensive background check on their employees before sending them into your home. Be sure to ask if all employees go through a background check? This is important for your safety and that of the loved one (this may be a personal preference)

(6) Duties of Caregiver.Find out all the services the home healthcare company provides cooking, cleaning, dishes, laundry… (make sure they offer a 24 hour emergency call service.) be sure that someone is on duty in case of emergency. Acquire this emergency number and be sure it is accessible…

(7) Compatibility Most home healthcare companies have a large number of employees. If your loved one bonds with a particular employee see if they will send that person exclusively to provide care. Some older people have a problem with change in their daily routines. This may be a drawback to this option…

(8) Meet with the home healthcare provider.  Do not be afraid to ask questions about the company and their services (there is no such thing as a dumb question). Make sure you or your loved one is comfortable with the people providing the service. If your parent or loved one is a client be sure to drop in unannounced at various times of the day to see the quality of care the company is providing.

(9) “Making the Decisions” Ask the company for a care plan for your loved one. Make sure you and your loved one understand and agree to all the terms of the care plan. This is very important. If you would like to add to the care plan be sure and discuss your wants and needs with the home healthcare provider.