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Making The Right Decisions

Making a checklist is a viable way helping to make a decision about choosing the right Skilled Nursing facilities for you or your love one. This decision will most likely effect the client as well as their family. There are many points that must be covered before choosing a Nursing Home facilities This means you have decided against In Companion Care, Home Healthcare, Adult Daycare Or a Assisted Living as a option.

...Nursing Home checklist
Skilled Nursing facilities...

(1) Certifications and Qualifications Is the Nursing Home licensed and bonded in your state? Is your qualified individuals to disperse medications and care for individual needs?

(2) What are their rates? How much are there hourly rates? Do they have half-day rates? Do they have after hours and weekend service?

(6) Meals. do they have dietary counseling?(today customized meal plans for individuals with special food needs)

Skilled Nursing Home facilities Check List

(3) Security. Do They have a secured location. Our other individuals able to pick up my loved one?

(7) Therapy what types of therapy are available for the individual? Music therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy etc.…

(8) Activities  are activities provided to meet the individuals interest? Is staff supervision present for all activities? Games, exercise, movies and conversation…

(9) Alzheimer’s/Dementia Does the Assisted Living accept Alzheimer’s and dementia patients? Are there protective areas and closed and locked for these patients? What is a staff ratio of patient to caregiver?

(11) Tour Facility as you true the facility be sure to see if food looks and smells appetizing.

Are emergency exits clearly marked and clutter free. Does they staff interact with the clients, are they friendly and respectful. Is this facility will chair and handicapped accessible? Does the facility have smoke detectors and fire extinguishers? Do they meet all city, state and federal requirements and are these posted?

(4) Transportation? Do they offer transportation for doctors visits etc. (be sure they carry the proper liability insurance required for commercial vehicles)

(5) Background Check. Does the Skilled Nursing facilities do background checks on employees? Most companies do a comprehensive background check on their employees before sending them into your home. Be sure to ask if all employees go through a background check? This is important for your safety and that of the loved one

(10) Sickness is there separate areas for patients who may be sick and need to sit our sleep isolated from others?